Old Song – Tribute

I wrote this song for my Dad and sang it live during a celebration of his ministry back in 2004. It took quite a bit of practice to get the whole picking and singing thing down at the same time. It brings my Dad to tears, which is mighty hard to do. ;) It’s also one of my favorites.

Update: This recording is way outdated…old school. A shiny new one is available here.

Lyrics are after the jump.


It’s always hard to find the words
To describe the man who gave me

A life that has a humble heart
In this world of hate
A light that never seems to fade
I cannot relate to hate
I cannot relate
Cause he gave me Christ

I remember many times
When sacrifice was not a rare find

He would always sacrifice
Jesus, take the wheel and steer
He would always be my guide
Even when I wouldn’t hear his cry
Even when I wouldn’t hear
He showed me Christ

You were always filled with faith
You were always filled with wisdom
You were always living free
You were always living Jesus’ way

So I give these words to you
And watch as you prepare to live through

Life as an example free
For this I am so proud
You’ll continue to believe
Even when what’s wrong is loud

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2 Responses to Old Song – Tribute

  1. Dad says:

    This still makes me cry.  Thank you for this gift to me.  I love you.

  2. Jason Carr says:

    I love you, too, Dad.  I’m so glad I was able to express my love for you in such a beautiful way.  It was definitely a God thing. :)

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